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Employee recruitment announcement


GB International is the leading project management company in the industrial and defense sectors in Rep. Korea. With over a decade of project management experience, we continue to add value to our customers and vendors as partners of choice in the global marketplace.


Duties & Responsibilities:

Nurture and manage relationships with key suppliers, managing different cost reduction and productivity projects, and new program sourcing requirements

  • Support efforts to establish cost-effective, long term solutions with key suppliers to optimize total acquisition cost of materials and ensure availability of required materials
  • Support new project development as an integral development team member to assure the best supply solution is leveraged for the life of the project in alignment with the established sourcing strategy
  • Monitor and report on the cost, and lead time per assigned project
  • Utilize objective supplier performance data to drive continuous improvement in supplier base performance, including feedback to suppliers for the project and the proactive resolution of issues with suppliers
  • Participate in development and maintenance of Strategic Sourcing Partnership Plan
  • Any other task assigned by management




  • One (1) + year of experience in Sourcing/ Procurement, Subcontracts, or other supply chain role with proven results. Or,
    One (1) + year of experience in Sourcing / Procurement, Subcontracts Management.
    (Preferred but not required for Entry Level Position.)

Skills/ Abilities:

  • Time Management and responsibility
  • Detail Oriented and positive
  • Objective Judgement and Decision Making- Pragmatic and able to assess decisions by the process
  • Relationship Building- Strong interpersonal skills with the stakeholder and with the team
  • Prefer fluency in Korean and English

Employment Eligibility Requirement:

* Legally authorized to work in the United States
* We also accept OPT students.
Please send your resume to the following email.


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근무조건: Full Time (M-F, 8AM - 5PM)

근무지역: Bellevue, WA


    - 경력/역량에 따른 Competitive Salary

    - Insurance: 3개월 Probation 후 Health Insurance 제공

지원방법: 이메일, gbi@gbiworld.com


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3,920 01-17
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250 49 06-12
249 53 06-12
248 62 06-11
247 76 06-11
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245 278 06-09