2018 K-POP World Festival Seattle Preliminary

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2018 K-Pop World Festival

Seattle Preliminary

Vocal winner

1st place -Ashley Janelle Escalante

2nd place - Amy Nguyen

Performance Winner

1st place - Vibe (Brandon Dunbar, Vasika Cheng )

2nd place - Yours Truly


  • Vocal
  • Sarah-Ann Moh
  • Kathryn Yabes
  • Ashley Janelle Escalante
  • Faith Vaughan
  • Amy Nguyen
  • Rattanawadii Supakornpanit
  • Performance
  • Lillyen Chieng, Peejay Oliveros
  • Phillip Lao
  • Vibe (Brandon Dunbar, Vasika Cheng )
  • Christopher Underwood
  • Yours Truly
  • EmeRain


Regional Preliminary – SEATTLE


Saturday, MAY 26 AT 3:00PM


Lynnwood Convention Center
3711 196th Street SW Lynnwood, WA 98036


Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Seattle


All the contestants must meet the KBS qualification.
(Please click and check qualifications)

The audition will be separated into two categories and you are allowed to apply for only one – VOCAL or PERFORMANCE (dance).

Each category ( Vocal and Performance ) of the 1st and 2nd place winners will be nominated to be awarded.

If you intend to sing AND dance, you must apply for vocal category and limit to 2 back dancers.

The performance teams, limiting to the members listed in the original artist group is suggested. (Less performers are totally ok.)

If the performance team exceeds the member from the list of the original artist group, some of the members may not make it to the final round in Korea.


1st place: Medal and $1000

Only the 1st place winners from each category will advance to the next round.

Important Note

The 1st place team from each category will advance to the 2nd round contest along with other regional winners all over the world.

Most importantly, PLEASE NOTE that only person who meet the KBS qualifications will be eligible for the chance to fly to Korea if chosen as a finalist to compete in the 2018 K-Pop World Festival in Changwon, Republic of Korea.

* Please be aware that winning a spot from competing at the regional preliminary contest DOES NOT guarantee entry into the K-Pop World Festival.

2nd Round

The KBS will evaluate all preliminary winners recording of performance in the 2nd round, and only those who are selected will be sent to Changwon, Korea for the final round.

2nd Round Qualification rules may be changed.
(In 2016, the preliminary winners competed in Los Angeles for the final round)


1. Download the application that includes the waiver form Download Application

2. Email signed application and url link (audio/video) to your performance to kpop.seattleN@gmail.com.
(Although not required, we highly recommend a short self-introduction in the beginning of the audio/video file.)

3. Problems and questions in uploading and registering?
Email kpop.seattleN@gmail.com.